We all realize that smoking is bad for your health and if you smoke cigarettes you should quit. However, if you have made the adult decision that your going to be a smoker then you should try to find the best deals that you can on cigarettes. This is the purpose of this website. I have tried MANY places on the web to purchase cigarettes. Some were pretty good and some just take your money and run. You have to realize that you will NOT find any really good deals in this country! Cigarettes carry a very large tax in the United States and is getting greater every day!! So in light of this fact we have only one choice--PURCHASE THEM FROM OUTSIDE OF THIS COUNTRY! Here are some important facts to consider-

1. Is it legal?--Yes. You can purchase a limited number of cigarettes from overseas without paying any tax or "DUTY" as it is called.  ie: 200 cigarettes=one carton. If you purchase more that 1 carton they will be shipped in multiple packages.

2. Is it safe?--Yes. I've been purchasing for 8+ years now with no problems.

3. Is it fast?--No. It usually takes between 14 an 28 days to receive an order from the vendors that I'm going to list here.

4. Are the cigarettes made in the U.S.? Some are, but most are made in Europe, (EU) and some other countries.

5. Are they first quality cigarettes? Yes! Either class A or the European equivalent.

6. Are they fresh? Yes! As good or better than in this country. Most cartons come wrapped in cellophane to retain freshness.

7. How is customer service? Excellent! You can contact them by email, online chat/assistance or a phone number that is located in this country.

8. How do I pay? You pay by what's called an E-check. Anytime a merchant accepts a credit card for a purchase, the credit card company charges the merchant a fee for the transaction. E-checks are free for that merchant and that's one way they can keep the prices so low-- And it is safe for you.

9. How much is shipping? Shipping is free.

10. Where do the cigarettes come from? A duty free/tax free zone in the city of Limassol, on the island of Cypress, located south of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea and some other countries. 

11. Why am I doing this? Because it is unfair for our country to levy so much tax on cigarettes for adult smokers.

12. What's in it for me? Not much. First off I wanted to secure this domain name so possibly I could sell it in the future for a profit. In the future of the internet, good dot com names ARE going to run out. Secondly, because I'm posting a link to their website on my website, it gives them more exposure and in turn I get paid 2 percent of any sales that come from my website and it does not cost you a penny more.  How's that for being honest?? So if your going to use this website for your cigarettes please bookmark it and use the link which I'm going to provide below. Also, if you have any questions which I can answer please Email me.

Well, here's the links I hope you've been waiting for. Thank-you!! Please spread the word and tell all your friends!




NEW UPDATE! (As of May 2nd, 2011)

I'm now using Duty Free Depot as my vendor of choice. They have greatly improved site security so online ordering is even safer! (The other 2 sites are just as trustworthy and safe.) Depending on the brand of cigarette you smoke, I have found that the price is cheaper, but you should still compair with the other sites to be sure. Duty Free Depot now accepts all major credit cards and echecks. Take a minute or 2 and check them out!

Please Note: When I try out a new vendor for the first time, I only order one carton. This way I keep my risk low until I'm sure that the vendor is trust worthy and I shy away from sites that try to force you to place a minimum order. . .It's also a good idea to do some reading before you buy--Like the FAQ page, About us, Legal Info, Terms Of Use and their Privacy Policy. It never hurts while your at it to check out if they are running any Special Offers.

Well here's the new link. Give them a try and remember to use the link below from this page- -Thanks!

Please come back soon and check for more new updates and links!!

Best Regards,